Things To Do In Tahiti

If you’re staying in the north-west corner, you might consider a stroll down to Le Petite Village to grab a croissant or baguette. No matter where you are staying you might hire a bike and venture further afield. Scooters and cars are available for hire too and the flat road around the island is flanked by roadside and restaurants. You must visit the Juice Factory at Cook’s Bay.

  • All of the Suites and Villas are very spacious and beautifully appointed with local materials.
  • The airport at Nuku Hiva can be found on the opposite side to the main settlement Taiohae.
  • On Hiva Oa every plant, shrub and tree seems to flower which adds something very special to this remarkable island and compliments its black-sand coastline and greener-than-green valleys.
  • Options include International Resorts with overwater bungalows, Polynesian Spas, Dolphin Encounters, world-class entertainment, room service by outrigger canoe and much more.

This place is perfect for history lovers, as it has many archaeological sites and maraes you can visit. You can also take a tour of the vanilla plantation, or take a small boat to the local pearl farms. Or ask a local to show your the’sacred-blue-eye eels’. This incredible Atoll is a string coral that surrounds a luminous turquoise lagoon. It is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. The Kia Ora Resort & Spa, located on Rangiroa coral reef is along a large white sand sandy beach bordered with coconut trees.

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Whatever you do, don’t miss getting out on the water first thing in the morning or at sunset to fully capture the sheer romance of Bora Bora. Tahiti is nearly two islands – in fact there are even two names Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti , but they are naturally joined together. The road around Tahiti Nui is 115 km but the main hotels and resorts are concentrated in a 25 km band between the Capital Papeete which is on the north west of the island, and south to Punaauia around 15 km away. Between these two points, Faaa International Airport can be found only 5km away from Papeete.

It is an unforgettable experience to physically step on a “low-island” or atoll. Seeing a chain of coral islets, each encircling a turquoise lagoon, stretching on for dozens of kilometres is a breathtaking sight from the plane. Just imagining people living in this environment, lost in a vast expanse of ocean, is almost surreal. Sharing the daily lives of the islanders in tune with the rhythm of the waves, even if only for just a few days, is beyond words…It was on these tiny islets thatTahiti’s cultured pearl industrybegan. Rangiroa Fakarava, Tikehau and Fakarava are the most visited atolls. All three have internationally rated hotels. Other atolls are home to family-run guest houses that offer warm hospitality and a warm welcome.

All spacious 146 rooms and 12 overwater bungalows offer a panoramic view of the ocean. All units are fully equipped with air conditioning, personal safe and a bathroom with separate bathtub and shower. The resort has 2 restaurants, outrigger boats, a tennis court, and the largest sand bottom swimming pool in South Pacific, located in the middle of a tropical park. It takes only 10 minutes by air or 30 minutes by fast catamaran ferry from Tahiti to Moorea and you arrive at what the locals call “The Magic Island”. Moorea is a great spot for a relaxing holiday. Just try to find a place to stay at short notice during a long weekend. It is likely that the resorts will be crowded with people on holiday from Papeete. Moorea isn’t a large island, but the road that runs along the coast is still 62km long and 62km in length. There are many attractions to be enjoyed on this road and the side roads that lead up into the mountain valleys.

Are French Polynesia, Polynesia, and Polynesia the exact same thing?

In French Polynesia, the months from November to March in general, have the most rain. French Polynesia’s hurricane risk is especially high between December and April. There have been an average of 3 to 6 hurricanes during this time. Polynesians were granted French citizenship in 1946. The islands became an overseas territory and the status of the Polynesians was changed to that of a French citizen. In 1957, the name of the islands was changed to Polynesie Francaise (French Polynesia). Which is the warmest month in Tahiti? January is the warmest month in the year with an average maximum temperature at 30degC (86degF). To board any flight to French Polynesia, you must have a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for 180 days beyond your return date and the first and last name listed on the document must match your international air tickets. The data is based on a 2015 survey on expenditure in Tahiti and Moorea. 55 percent of French Polynesia‚Äôs most populous islands earn less than $US1,150 per month, while 16 percent in France are below the poverty line. Tahiti’s quarter of the population receives less than $US600 per month. French Polynesia’s best months are June through August, when the climate is dry and the weather is warm. The temperatures range from the high 70s to the mid 90s Fahrenheit. This can be a more busy time of the year, and the months to either side can see pleasant temperatures but lower prices. Travelers’ checks and cash