Tahiti, Your Paradise in French Polynesia

The Marquesas are for travellers who enjoy natural beauty, remoteness and history. It takes only minutes to fall in love with these ancient lands, where the people are friendly and laid-back, and the natural surroundings are simply stunning. We specialize in all corners of French Polynesia, including the romantic and magical. There are usually four flights each week between Auckland and Papeete with a flight time of just on five hours. French Polynesia is a vast territory spread over an enormous area of the South Pacific and contains many of the most idyllic tropical islands to be found anywhere on Earth. An Air Tahiti Pass makes it easy to access all islands.

The iconic luxury hotels have their own versions of the overwater villa, with private decks, infinity swimming pools, hammocks suspended above the water and glass-floored bedrooms. Now, there are more than 900 such overwater accommodations spread over the 118 islands that make up Tahiti. The two main islands of the Marquesas are spectacular as you approach with their towering mountains which seem to rise up directly from the sea. As you get closer, you will pick out the enchanting valleys, canyons and bays.

All the French Polynesia islands are different and all are stunningly beautiful. Features Overwater Suites, Beach Villas and 2 Royal Beach Villas. Private patio and tropical gardens, private swimming pool , spacious lounge and terrace, private deck with direct access to the lagoon . The Villas and Suites are spacious and well-appointed with local materials.

Raiatea and Tahaa are both known for pearl culture and vanilla plantations. These industries can be visited on special tours. The most accessible are on Tahaa. These islands are surrounded by a huge lagoon that is ideal for snorkelling. The scuba diving in the coral gardens and wrecks of these islands is also spectacular. From the resort at Tahaa you get a clear view right over to the mountains and motus of Bora Bora.

So, what are the “must do” attractions of the Island of Tahiti? Papeete is the best place to start, as it has a lively nightlife and later at night – making it even more fun! The market in Papeete is worth a visit, as is Vaima Centre, which is famous for its Tahitian Artefacts. In the evening it is great to go over to the wharf area where the roulottes or street food stalls are set up – the food is cheap and good and the atmosphere is friendly and warm. Don’t miss watching the sun go down over Moorea – the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort is a great spot to catch the sunset. An enjoyable day trip can be had by hiring a car and driving around the island.

Popular honeymoon destination, where you can relax and snorkel along the white sandy beaches. Like the rest of the world, the Islands of Tahiti were initially placed under lockdown in March. However, they did such an excellent job in controlling the spread of Covid that they decided to reopen on the 15th of July. Bringing back the resorts and tours has been a gradual process. We are now at the start of October and the resorts and tour companies that have been open since July are reporting a good return to a new normal. All guests, staff, and the Tahitian population are now wearing masks in public places and practicing social distancing.

  • The airport is built on one of the many lagoon islands and your transfer to your chosen resort is by boat through the lagoon.
  • Its main city, Papeete, is a hub for local culture, traditional cuisine and provides access to the island’s natural marvels.
  • The Society Islands that are the most popular tourist islands are what are known as “high” islands due to their mountainous interiors.
  • Today, however, Tahiti conjures vivid dreams of densely forested areas.
  • The “Cabin Option”, which is not a charter, does not require a minimum number of participants.

Hiva Oa, a mountainous island with lush, fertile valleys, is also popularized by Paul Gauguin. It is also known as “The Garden of the Marquesas”. Hiva Oa is a place where every tree, shrub, and plant seems to bloom. This adds something special to the island’s black-sand coastline as well as its greener-than-green valleys. Both main islands have one special small resort for visitors to base themselves to explore and enjoy what the islands have to offer then return to a cold drink, a good meal and a comfortable bed. Tahiti is nearly two islands – in fact there are even two names Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti , but they are naturally joined together.

Archipels Cruises can book you a cabin for a scheduled sailing-catamaran trip. Imagine a deep sea sailing catamaran with accommodation for 8 or 10, complete with your own ensuite cabin, spacious saloon and deck space and crew to run the boat while all you have to do is enjoy the experience. The “Cabin Option” is not a charter, so there is no minimum number of participants required. There are many options for how to get from Tahiti to Bora Bora. While we recommend the entire 11-day trip between Papeete & Bora Bora, you can also join at a port on the way. The international airport is located at Papeete in Tahiti.

French Polynesia and New Zealand have a shared history. They share a lot of folklore, history, and a similar language. However that doesn’t necessarily mean lazing around the pool or the lagoon all day, so if your idea of relaxation includes more active pursuits, Moorea caters for that as well. If you are staying on the north-west corner maybe that activity is a wander down to Le Petite Village for a fresh morning croissant and baguette. No matter where you are staying you might hire a bike and venture further afield. You can also rent scooters and cars, and the flat road around the island is lined with cafes, bistros and bakeries. You must visit the Juice Factory at Cook’s Bay.

It would be remiss to visit Tahiti without taking advantage of its unbelievably blue, clear waters with a snorkel or dive trip. From dolphins and sharks to coral reefs and sea turtles, there are countless different snorkel experiences to choose from, depending on where you swim and what you want to see. Bora Bora Bora is not a cheap place to visit. However, our Specialists are Bora Bora specialists and can offer a wide range of resorts. you.

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