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Stunning mountainous islands with charming thatched-roof bungalows on their shores, hovering above the clear lapping water. The islands of Tahiti made it onto the international tourist map when the first-ever overwater bungalows were built over the cerulean lagoons of Raiatea and Moorea in 1967. The overwater style has since become a byword for tropical luxury and you’ll find them in the Maldives, Hamilton Island, the Seychelles – any island worth its sand. Tahiti’s original humble structures on stilts above the coral have evolved, too.

There are direct flights most days between Papeete and both Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa, both of which are around 1200 to 1300km north of Papeete. Flight time Papeete to Nuku Hiva is 3 hours 45 minutes and the direct flight between Papeete and Hiva Oa takes 3 hours 50 minutes. Twin Otter flights are available six days a week between Hiva Oa (Nuku Hiva) and take approximately 45 minutes. The Royal Huahine is a hidden gem that can only been accessed by boat. It offers solitude, but is still part of the main island.

Located on one of the nicest white sand beaches on Tahiti’s west coast, the Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort managed by Sofitel faces the lagoon bordered by the coral reef with the island of Moorea in the background. All spacious 146 rooms and 12 overwater bungalows offer a panoramic view of the ocean. All units come fully equipped with air conditioning, personal safety and a bathroom with separate tub and shower. The resort features 2 restaurants, outrigger canoes, a tennis court and the largest sand-bottom swimming pool in the South Pacific set in the middle of a tropical garden. The Marquesas Group’s two main islands are very special and offer a unique experience for adventurous travellers who venture this far into French Polynesia.

We recommend that you stay at least one night in Tahiti as flights arrive late in the evening. Tahiti is a magical destination with so many possibilities to capture your heart. We have visited and experienced so many of the accomodation these beautiful islands have to offer, let us use that experience to ensure you get the very best from your vacation. Tahiti has a wide range of accommodation options, from villas overlooking the ocean to basic bungalows. Stay in Pape’ete the capital to enjoy Tahitian nightlife or stroll around the markets. Having re-opened in early 2017 and re-branded from the Hilton to the deluxe rated Conrad Bora Bora Nui, it was time to visit and see for ourselves what this property has to offer!

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The road around Tahiti Nui runs 115km. However, the main hotels and resorts can be found in a 25 km stretch between the Capital Papeete (on the north west side of the island) and Punaauia (15 km) south. Between these two points, Faaa International Airport can be found only 5km away from Papeete. When staying on Tahiti for two or three days before venturing off to Moorea, Bora Bora etc, we strongly advise that you organise your time to get the most from your short stay. The all-inclusive Brando features 35 secluded villas with private pools on white-sand beaches frequented by sea turtles and exotic birds.

  • Rangiroa and Manihi, Fakarava, Fakarava, Rangiroa and Tikehau are all completely different.
  • The road around Tahiti Nui is 115 km but the main hotels and resorts are concentrated in a 25 km band between the Capital Papeete which is on the north west of the island, and south to Punaauia around 15 km away.
  • The overwater style is now synonymous with tropical luxury. You’ll find them on the Maldives and Hamilton Island as well as the Seychelles.
  • The resort features 2 restaurants, outrigger canoes, a tennis court and the largest sand-bottom swimming pool in the South Pacific set in the middle of a tropical garden.
  • The Islands of Tahiti are perfect for social distancing, with one night at the most in Papeete, you then escape to the less populated islands of Moorea, Bora Bora, Taha’a, Huahine, Rangiroa or Tikehau.
  • All the French Polynesia islands are different and all are stunningly beautiful.