Experience the Magic of New Zealand with These Amazing Honeymoon Packages

New Zealand, with its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cities, is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, luxury or budget-friendly options, there’s a honeymoon package in New Zealand that’s perfect for you. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best honeymoon destinations and packages in New Zealand, as … Read more

Traveling to Tahiti

They are all mind-bogglingly beautiful and perfect places to round out your French Polynesian experience. Each has at least one very good quality resort which is intimate in size yet provides a full range of facilities and high quality services. Ask our specialists to help you choose the right atoll for you. You should allow … Read more

Tahiti Tourisme New Zealand

We recommend that you stay at least one night in Tahiti as flights arrive late in the evening. Tahiti is a magical place with many options to capture your heart. We have experienced many of these accommodations on these beautiful islands, so let us share that knowledge to help you get the best out of … Read more

Tahiti, Your Paradise in French Polynesia

The Marquesas are for travellers who enjoy natural beauty, remoteness and history. It takes only minutes to fall in love with these ancient lands, where the people are friendly and laid-back, and the natural surroundings are simply stunning. We specialize in all corners of French Polynesia, including the romantic and magical. There are usually four … Read more

Welcome To Tahiti

This place is perfect for history lovers, as it has many archaeological sites and maraes you can visit. You can also take a tour to the vanilla plantation or take a small boat out to the local pearl farm , or ask a local to show you the ‘sacred blue-eye eels’. This incredible Atoll is … Read more

Avoid Going To Tahiti Without Reading This

The Coral Gardens located adjacent to the resort are exceptional – it was only my 2nd snorkeling opportunity ever and I’m hooked! So many clients want to be able to snorkel without having to take a paid for excursion so the proximity to fabulous snorkeling is such an asset. With tourism returning to Tahiti, so … Read more

South Pacific Bubble Could Fly Next Month To Tahiti

When staying on Tahiti for two or three days before venturing off to Moorea, Bora Bora etc, we strongly advise that you organise your time to get the most from your short stay. Tahiti, which is six hours from Auckland, is the main island. It has close to 200,000 inhabitants. Here you will find markets, … Read more